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Gabrielle Gerard-Jenks


Certified in TriYoga Basics-Level 2

Advanced Facilitator and Teacher Barratt Breathwork®

500 Hr. with Anna Pittman Radient Heart YTT

Basics and Advanced Bio Energy with Mietek and Margaret Wirkus

Gabrielle had a deep interest in spiritual studies in her late teens and early twenties.  She was attracted to Liberal Arts and completed her undergraduate degree at Radford University with a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Religion, Philosophy, Spiritual Studies and Communications. She started yoga with her sister, Anna Pittman, in her twenties.  In 1993 Gabrielle met her teacher Kathleen Barratt and began her studies at the Subtle Energy Institute. She made a complete soul driven decision to dedicate the next 10 years to studying by Kathleen’s side. During those years she developed skills in Transpersonal Breathwork, Meditation, Bio Energy and Mindfulness Practices. In 1997 she met Kaliji and began her in depth journey of TriYoga with Senior teacher Matarani,  Kaliji and with other senior teachers. Gabrielle continued her self inquiry through studying the Mystery Schools with Mary Elizabeth Marlow where she completed several levels of training. She also was exposed to many brilliant teacher of Yoga, Subtle Energy, and Consciousness Studies. 


 Gabrielle is recognized as an Advanced Teacher in Facilitating, Teaching and certifying in the Barratt Breathwork Model®.  She is trained in Basics-Level 2 in Triyoga and offers YTT trainings in Basics-Level 2 ~ she is also completing her Level 3 and PranaVidya Training.  Over the years she has had the opportunity to assist Kathleen, Kaliji, and Mary Elizabeth Marlow in professional programs. 


Gabrielle completed a 500 YTT with sister Anna Pittman. Through Anna she continued self inquiry through Transparency Coaching ~ exploring psycho-spiritual therapy. She completed her Transparency Coaching Program and continues mentoring with Anna and now Florian Schlosser. 


As a result, Gabrielle has had the opportunity to work with therapists in the community in tandom with their clients offering assistance in somatic process’s, breathwork, mindfulness. All to support their clients steps toward wholeness. As a result of previous studies and developments along with the Transparency Coaching Program her coaching services have a whole new dimension. She is continuing her coaching studies with teachers in the field of how to work with healing Trauma. 


Most recently, she received her Yoga Therapist certification and is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. 



Gabrielle has a daughter, Ananda and husband Chris. Her work is to balance her practice, professional life and home life. 

She offers Private sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Breathwork Awareness Sessions/Coaching. Group Breathwork and Mindfulness Programs. TriYoga Yoga Teacher Trainings. Radient Heart Teacher Training with Anna Pittman, PHD. Mindfulness in the Work Place.  


For sessions please contact her at / 757-409-2041

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