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Cierra Wilson

Certified Massage Therapist

In 2015, Cierra followed her curiosity, bent to intuition and gut feelings, and signed up for a massage therapy program in Richmond, Virginia. After only a couple of classes, she found it to be her calling, discovering a hidden passion for helping others on their healing journey. Wanting to ensure she completed a program that encompassed technical aspects as well as empathetic sensitivity, she moved to Virginia Beach and completed training at the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy. Since graduating in 2017, Cierra has worked alongside people from all walks of life and is constantly humbled by the multitudes of stories she encounters on a daily basis. Approaching each of her sessions grounded in gratitude and with an open heart, she is prepared to aid her clients in taking care of their wellness through combining therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques. Cierra founded her own practice, Sunchaser Bodywork, in September 2019. She looks forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. She would also like to extend her most heartfelt thank you to all that have helped her along the way, for their support, advice, and all around good vibes.

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