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Yoga Wall System

The use of many functional props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps is always encouraged and taught to allow students to find postures and movement with more ease and less challenge. Slow, gentle transitions into mindfully opening the body are always encouraged. The most unique prop used at this studio is its Yoga Wall System. The Space Above is the only facility in Norfolk to have this system. It uses straps and harnesses to extend support and stability for anyone to find amazing ease with deep releases, stretches and inversions. The physical principles of the body can greatly benefit with the use of this system. However, for some a profound influence in working with the nervous system and mental, emotional imbalances can bring a much more relevant offering. Being able to depend on being held safely, in inversions or other postures while gradually allowing the nervous reflexes and stress reactions like fear or doubt, can initiate our own inner abilities and empower us to overcome many insecurities or lack of healthy connections in body and mind. Also, time on the yoga wall is incredibly fun and uplifting!  


 *This class is not recommended for a first time yoga student but is beginner friendly.

Classes and private sessions offered weekly with -


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